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Author: Sheena

The Impact of Contemporary Art in the Workplace

Business owners now understand the importance of including contemporary art in the workplace. Aside from increasing one’s wellbeing, it also helps everyone in the workplace to feel less stress and brings out good vibes. The 83% percent of employees prefer to work in an office where there is contemporary art on the walls or even […]

3 Foolproof Ideas for Your Child’s Party

The great thing about kid party ideas is that these never seem to run out! After all, kids are the most curious, most inquisitive and most precocious creatures on the planet with their endless questions, exploring hands and active bodies. As such, you can organize a party for your kids and their friends based on […]

How to Find The Best Party Venue

Hiring a venue for a party, corporate get together or other reason can turn an ordinary event into a truly memorable occasion. Choice of location is an integral part of the planning process and more and more venue spaces are available to enhance one’s gathering. Here are some important things to keep in mind when […]