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Wedding Anniversary Ideas to Highlight The Couple’s Commitment

When couples vow “until death do we part,” do they mean it? Not necessarily so. It appears many new couples have the view that if the going gets tough, then it is time to get going, as over 50% of new marriages end in divorce. These shocking numbers confirm a lack of commitment in many marriages. However, for those who are truly committed, a wedding anniversary is an opportunity for them to celebrate the commitment they have made to each other. Here are some wedding anniversary party ideas to help highlight that commitment.

One way is by using the original wedding as an inspiration. After all, what could be more romantic than bringing the couple back to the day they vowed to be committed to each other? Therefore, try to bring back as much from the original wedding setting as possible.

Therefore, to the extent possible dig out those wedding mementos such as dried wedding bouquet, candles, and wedding reception napkins, and use them to decorate the venue. Bring out the wedding photos. But also add pictures of the couple throughout the years. Create a mini gallery of pictures of the couple, as well as family pictures. Such pictures remind of good times together and subconsciously convey the message of the couple’s commitment.

Other activities could be games that highlight the couple’s commitment, such as an anniversary trivia quiz, or an anniversary-themed charade. Simple activities that make the couple reminisce about the past will also make the celebration special. Before the party, you could record interviews of people close to the couple, then watch the video together during the party.

This will bring the couple tears of joy from the love and support of their family and friends. If possible, you may even secretly take footage of the couple’s everyday romance – those sweet little moments they share together – and show them at the party. This may be a harder to pull off, but let me plant the idea, then leave it to your ingenuity to make it happen. Of course, you’ll likely need to start well in advance, so you don’t tip the couple off.

The wedding anniversary symbolizes the continuation of the love and commitment of the couple for each other. Every wedding anniversary, be it the first or the 50th, is worthy of celebration. But regardless of how it is celebrated, in grand style or in a simple manner, what should stand out to everyone is a glint of the magic of the love and commitment that the couple share.

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